Hi, I’m Maximilian Mackson.

But you can call me Max, because as cool as my full name is, forcing you to say the whole thing constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.

For the last few years, I’ve been entirely focused on serving my clients by connecting email marketing platforms, checkout pages, payment processors, and more into high-performance all-in-one systems to power their businesses.

(I consider myself a “Systems Architect & Integrator” for this reason.)

Now, on top of everything I’m already doing for my clients, I’ll be launching an email list soon.

Once I do, this page will be rewritten and this offer will disappear.

What offer?

Well, after seeing so many email marketing platforms develop itchy trigger fingers for booting their customers lately (and being on the receiving end of such a booting with a client myself), I decided to build a quick-and-easy “safety net,” which I’d like to give you as a bonus for being a pre-launch subscriber.

This “safety net” is a simple, yet powerful Email List Backup Zap which can be slotted into your new or existing Zapier account to keep your most valuable marketing asset safe from the powers that be.

The Zap’s not ready yet, but if you subscribe below, I’ll send it to you as soon as it is.

– Max

P.S. Looking to work with me? Subscribe, then follow the instructions in the welcome email and I’ll be in touch (assuming I don’t have a waitlist).

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